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Journey of Thor Essay

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  • on August 22, 2013
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1. Introduction

We based our work in Joseph Campbell book called “The hero with a Thousand face” (1949 – Princeton University Press) which based “Hero’s journey”, also known as   Twelve Steps by Vogler and Campbell. Finally, we analyzed the story of movie Thor (2011).
Campbell conducted extensive analysis of the structure of myths, legends and stories and he perceived that every hero –   be it a group or individual – count for the same things. He noticed this pattern in myths and created a specific model focusing on definitive steps:   beginning with the presentation of a common life situation and ending with the return of hero following a particular transformation.
Thor-døn, in Norwegian, means “thunder” and therefore Thor means “the Lord of thunder”. Thor is Odin’s son, the oldest and most astute of gods, with Jord, the goddess of Earth.  Furthermore, Thor has Mjölnir his trusty, powerful hammer. It has the power to produce thunder and rain when Thor shakes his hammer. This legend was told in Scandinavia (Francini e Seganfredo) and it had become well-known in Germany. When the Vikings were expanding their empire, these stories arrived in other countries like the United Kingdom. It had influence on some customs, including the weekday ‘Thursday’ (Thor’s day). Snorri Sturluson (1179 – 1241) an icelandic author wrote the first historic and literary register of Thor’s myth, after Iceland become Christian and called it “Prose Edda”. It is not known how much of it is real or not, because these stories are sometimes funny, yet also very tragic. We can certainly conclude that the author was influenced by his own interpretation, for this we can do some questions about its objectivity.
Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirbya from Marvel Entertainment, LLC, in association with Walt Disney Company, created Thor as a HQ character in which appears for the first time in “Journey into Mystery #83”, in August 1962. Marvel then filmed a movie that had its premier at cinema in...

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