Journey Into the World of Artificial Intelligence Essay

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Journey Into The World of Artificial Intelligence Journey Into The World of Artificial Intelligence Imagine having to walk miles down the road just to pass on an important message to a friend or family member. Imagine waiting weeks, or even months to hear news about what is happening in the world around you or about how your family is doing on the other side of the country. Not long ago, these imaginations were a reality. Today, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, these distant realities are only in history books. Throughout this research paper I am going to introduce to you what Artificial Intelligence is exactly and how it has affected our society and our lives over the past several decades. Artificial Intelligence or, AI for short, is the focus point of computer science where machine creations that possess the ability to act on behaviors in which human beings think of as intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a mixture of computer science, physiology, and philosophy and can range in several different fields however; the commonality of all these fields that can be broken down from Artificial Intelligence is the creation of machines that can think! Lets take a look back into time when the streams of Artificial Intelligence first began. Artificial Intelligence traces all the way back to ancient Egypt however; in 1941 with the first development of the electronic computer in both the United States and Germany, the ability to create machine intelligence was on the rise. Every aspect of the storage and processing of information was ultimately revolutionized by this early invention. These enormous machines, made up of wires and circuits required separate air conditioned rooms and were a programmer’s worst nightmare. The task of entering a program was made easier in 1949 with the stored program computer innovation, which from thence computer theory lead to

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