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In my Journey I have come a long way to help my self improve, but i Still have more work to do. In elementary school i was in a special education program, for the first few grades. With that said i had been labeled and made myself work harder. I had the support from my family and confidence in myself to work harder and stay focused. In high school, I was in the blended program. A program that consists of two teachers in a class with the extra help and attention. I was placed in this program because i had difficulty of staying on task and my reading and writing skills were not up to par. Being the program had allowed me to do very well in 9th and 10th grade, and it seemed that i am well on my way to be successful. But, this all changed when i entered 11th and 12th grade. In my last two years of high school my grades dropped. I fell apart for a number of reasons. One reason is because i was not studying when i came home from school. I would go out and hang with my friends. However, another reason was that i got easily distracted. My grades dropped was due to the internet. I would go on Facebook and procrastinate. But, I also found that facebook is addicting and a waste of time, but i couldn’t help myself. These aspects have affected me in college. Ending high school has led me into basic ed classes in college. Such as math, reading, and writing, they’re all non credit courses that i have to take and do well in order to advance into credit courses. Overall, In college i have stepped up to the plate and worked harder. I would take advantage of the writing and math centers for free tutoring. So far throughout the BEP program i have learned a lot about myself. The needs i have to work on in order to succeed and to become more independent person. My journey has come to a full circle where i struggled into my early years of school and turned it around. However,

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