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Journeys can be accepted, resisted successful or not, it is about growth, change and moving foreword, whether that journey be spiritual, physical or emotional, all journeys under taken are different and unique to specific individuals. The related text I will show today is the Kings Speech, a film depicting the journey of King George 6th made in the 1930s and 1940s in overcoming a stammer. This film includes techniques such as dialogue, characterization, music and camera techniques to represent journey. This film connects to the Kite Runner as a great related text, through the running themes of, growth, resistance and challenges. This journey follows the historical period of the 1930 and 1940s, the brink of World War 2 and the abdication of King Edward the 8th. There was the introduction of radio which created a problem for Bertie and his problem with his stammer. This journey has en emotional and physical journey but is also has a journey of friendship. He had to deal with his past fears and events that rendered him unable to speak, he also had to physically conquer the stammer. The friendship journey occurs between Logue and Bertie, they star out very much enemies in a sense but end up as close as family. Their friendship grows when the two delve into the Kings past and through the endless hours spent in speech therapy. The context was challenges, he faced obstacles, he was challenged by his speech impediment, his lack of confidence but all in all he was not prepared for Kingship this challenge to fit into the publics eye and somehow fill the shoes and become this leader during this time of war. He extended himself emotionally and he succeeded by the end of the film. Characterization was technique in which the film highlights journey. Bertie at the start stammers and hesitates when speaking, he gets frustrated and angry which at first demonstrates his

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