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Journeys have the power to open the mind of the respondent, challenge preconceived perceptions of reality and enlighten through experiences of personal exploration and growth. Although journeys can be undertaken in a variety of different means, (eg. Physical, psychological, inner, imaginative) each leads the respondent to foreign experiences which change their view on existence and themselves. The transformation of a young child prodigy to a skilled and genius solider, as shown in science-fiction novel Enders Game, is reflective sod the growth experience through the broadening the imagination, the maturity of morality and an endeavour that includes but transcends the physical means. The metaphorical journey experienced in poem, The Road Not Taken, is expressive of the exploration of choices in life, involving the questioning of one’s personal ambitions resulting in revelations of self discovery. Cult-film, Fight Club, documents the descent of a man struggling to come to terms with his alienation from a society run by consumerism whilst dealing with his psychological battle against the alter-ego whom threatens to destroy his life. Only through the undertaking of the journey can wisdom and clarity be achieved in conclusion. The science-fiction novel, Enders Game, tells of the many journeys which are experienced by main character “Ender Wiggin.” Writer, Card, reflects his underlying beliefs that the potential of gifted children is unutilized in today’s society through the story line. Ender, gifted with intellectual brilliance and maturity well advancing his years, is believed to be the destined saviour whom will one day be capable of defeating the enemy Buggers that threaten the safety of the planet. Taken away from Earth, Ender is taken to a distant battle school where his is moulded into a solider equipped for success. He is alienated and

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