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Have you ever sat there and just stared at the wall? Gone into another world? That world is your imagination! A place where you can make, create, establish, kill, bring alive, learn from, and do anything your heart desires. Why? Because you’re escaping the realism of life and entering a maze filled with turns that only you can create. Good afternoon Ms Wong and fellow students. The imaginative journey can always compare the levels between physical and the mental status of an individual’s ability to immensely make the reality into an illusion; it allows one to escape from reality and boredom. Although having a hallucinatory mind can be a precarious or safe choice, the imaginative journey of ones life can over take the physical obstacles of ones quest. The most exaggerated points of a journey can come out and be as the simplest point. I portray the imaginative journey through two texts. One being the children’s book. Bamboozled by David Legge and the other the movie the Chronicles of Narnia. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. In the book Bamboozled,the curious young girl is exposed to a house filled with scenes and objects that are dramatically different to what a normal young girl wouldn’t be in relation to. Although this illusion based house comes to her as normal as any everyday thing would. Her use and abuse of her mind, a mind that is constantly engaged in imagination, lets her view her grandfathers house, in any way that she can’t in reality. As quoted by the young girl “I love my granddad. I visit him every week, and every week things are the same, but last week when I arrived something seemed odd. “ This quote demonstrates her ability to not only imagine but too seek more imagination, because imagination is any young person’s destination, a destination that helps young ones escape. As she goes on into the house, it’s filled with

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