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A journey is a movement from one place to another, which may fortify a person physically, mentally and emotionally. A journey is an inevitable and unavoidable experience involving different obstacles and movements to new places. It helps the participants take challenges and discover new strengths in their selves and reach different heights. The text, The champion by Allan Baillie and the journal entry Panic and Shake by Robyn Davidson, expose the nature of journeys to represent various viewpoints of the journey resulting in new and enlightening experiences. Through exploring the various techniques used within these texts, different themes and representations of journeys will be highlighted. In the journal entry Panic and shake, Robyn Davidson describes her solo journey through the Australian desert on a camels’ back. She encounters many obstacles while on her physically exhausting journey which eventually enables her to overcome many of her inner doubts about her self control. In her account she uses many descriptive words to portray the “dry” and “desolate” Australian terrain. She uses these descriptive words deliberately to add purpose, aesthetic value and emotion to help the reader understand exactly how a setting looks, how a character behaves or what action is taking place. The authors’ use of hyperboles within her account, for example “A thousand years fitted into a day and aeons into each step”, was intended to create exaggeration and increase the impact of the recount to the reader. By using this hyperbole she can better represent the intensity of how long her journey in the desert felt. The author also employs repetition as a technique which can help wake up the readers and assist them in focusing on a key idea, by reinforcing the point. For example she utilizes the words “always the road, always the road, always the road” to strengthen her

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