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This journal is based on a T.V. show that I have chosen. It is “BBC World News” program. This show is about the latest news around the world. It gives us the news of the day suck like sports, business, politics and weather reports. It is a half-hour show. You can see it everyday on channel 9 at 11 o’clock. Summary The program started with some highlights about the most important news around the world. They mentioned a hostage’s crisis in Algeria, French’s troops in Mali, U.S. guns control and a couple of other news. Then show’s host introduces himself as Mike Embley and after that he started giving complex details about the news, he started talking about a hostage crisis in Algeria where former terrorists from Al-Qaeda took control of an oil company and they wanted the government to release terrorists from jail. The presenter started talking about France sending troops to Mali to help with democracy. Later, he started talking about the guns control in the U.S., Obama wants to make some controls on weapons due to the massacres in the last month, but it depends if the congress approves it or not. After those news the program went to a commercial break and when the show came back he started talking about some of the covers of the most popular newspapers around the world. As soon as it ended he started talking about some food and gas problems in Syria. He also mentioned that a helicopter crashed a crane in London and other news. Opinion The BBC world news program is such a good program. It is very complete and it has a lot of information. The porpoise is to keep you informed about the most important things on the world. If you want to keep yourself informed you should see it. The only bad thing is that they do not give a lot of information about sports. Process I picked this show because I thought that it was going to be easy and it really

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