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REPORTING & WRITING ASSESSMENT. There are 3 points of formal assessment during this unit. All formal assessments for this unit require two copies to be submitted - one printed hard copy handed into the assessment Handling Area next to the entrance to the LRC, and the second electronic copy to be handed in online in designated unit areas which will appear before the hand in date. During workshops there will also be informal assessments when you will prepare, deliver and re-craft work, benefiting from feedback and your own reflection. YOU MUST SUBMIT WORK FOR EVERY ASSIGNMENT. IF YOU DON'T YOU COULD FACE PENALTIES AND BE ASKED TO RETAKE THE YEAR [AND PAY FOR IT TOO!] Assessment 1 20% delivery of a timed news story for various outlets and in a given time to deadline. This will be in workshop time during WEEK 8. Assessment 2 30% handling of a breaking story to deadlines. This will take place in the workshops during WEEK 19. Assessment 3 50% Submission of a portfolio of original news stories - all of which should be written after the final workshop of Term 2 to give them some currency. These should be accompanied by a fully referenced and reflective essay presented in accordance with academic standards which will be fully outlined prior to submission. Submission in WEEK 28. All work submitted must be word-processed unless you are specifically told otherwise. As well as being good practice, this will also ensure you enhance your IT skills. Make sure you use 1.5 or double spacing, print on one side of the paper only. Leave adequate margins along both sides of the page. Your print copy should be accompanied by a front sheet, which you can obtain from C101, print off Breo or get by hand in point in Park Square. Academic Referencing Detailed instructions of the HARVARD system of referencing are available online at

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