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Have you ever had a lifelong aspiration that you knew couldn’t live without pursuing? I have one, and its being a broadcast journalist. This is an ideal career for people who have a drive for media and can break down high amounts of information into simple easy to digest information for the public. But being a broadcast journalist isn’t a simple task; it requires a good education, the highest level of time management, verbal skills, and many other things. What credentials are needed to be a broadcast journalist? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), many broadcast journalism jobs require a 4-year degree in Broadcasting, there are also journalism degree programs that include work such as writing for the media, communications law, media technology and investigative reporting. This means college education is a big must in becoming a broadcast journalist. Part of the education process also includes gaining real world experience. Most journalism programs include opportunities for students to work with the school news broadcasting stations as well as the school newspapers. Another important thing needed is internships. Because of how complicated the work of journalism is, companies and stations need people with experience in the field. So an internship is always a great look on the resume. The cost of gaining the education can range anywhere from $12,400 to $58,403 depending on the college you attend. Now the next thing in the understanding of being a broadcast journalist is knowing the duties and. journalists are assigned with a certain “beat” that they have to focus on with regards to generating news stories. Once they have learned of a new story, they have to research about it and set interviews with the key persons involved. The journalist has to collect evidence,

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