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European Journal of Social Sciences – Volume 24, Number 4(2011) Importance of Ethic, Credibility and Reliability in Online Journalism Muge Demir Asst.Prof Abstract When technological innovations combine with the concentration trends and ownership pressures in media, the concepts of credibility, reliability, ethic as well as press freedom become a problem and are discussed. In order to be able to understand the place and importance of the concepts of reliability and credibility in the online journalism which are frequently discussed nowadays, one should mention the concept of “ethic”. The ethical issues experienced in the field of internet which is too hard and even impossible to control have gained a more destructive nature in journalism. At present, the legal aspect of the said condition is discussed and new laws are passed not only in Turkey but all over the world. We see that such concerns related with the accuracy and reliability of the news other than a great number of possibilities such as fast and easy access, interactivity of the reader, etc. which exist in conventional journalism also exist in the online journalism. It is suggested to comply with the principles of journalistic ethic and to make news under the norms of journalism agreed upon as a solution to such problems. This article mentions the changes which the online journalism has given way in the profession of journalism upon the fast entrance of the internet in our every day life, and how the profession has been affected under the concepts of ethic, credibility and reliability. Keywords: Online journalism, ethic, reliability, credibility Introduction The etymological origin of journalism is “diurnalis” in Latin and means a “daily account” or “record, report”. The concept means to compile or arrange news through one or more types of mass media. The printing subjects and hourly publications in

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