Journal Review of Bridges Not Walls

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Running Head: Journal #2 1 Journal entry 2 Regina M. Carroll Liberty University Running Head: Journal # 2 2 W2#2 According to Stewart (2012), Self-disclosure is revealing to another person how you perceive and reacting to a present situation and sharing information about yourself and your past that would explain your perceptions and reactions to the present (p.211). We all self-disclose, in every conversation we have on a daily bases, weather we realize it or not; from our facial expressions to our actual words to who we associate or don’t associate with. It is this self-disclosure that helps us to build strong relationships with those around us. It is the act of self-disclosure, which I struggle with at times. As I stated in my last journal entry I stated my behavioral blend is that of an S/I and I often am more concerned about others rather than myself (Uniquely You Assessment). So I gave some thought how this affects my ability to self-disclose. According to Stewart, “self-disclosure is based on self-awareness, self-acceptance and taking the risk of revealing yourself to others” (p.215). If I am to improve my interpersonal communication then I must take a look at myself and ask myself the question, who is Gina? Yes she is a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter and a list of other titles but what does that mean to me? Of these titles which is the one I portray to other and when? Are there some of these titles that I value more than others? How do these titles make me whole?
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