Journal Exercise 1.3B: The Epic Hero

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Journal Exercise 1.3A: What Makes a Hero? My hero would be handsome and he would have to save me from a dragon. The dragon (evil) came from a land far away and he grabbed me and locked me up in a tower. His motivation was that his creator who was his mom made him. My hero confronts evil for me. He has a lot of virtues he is strong super powerful, brave has a nice attitude. Journal Exercise 1.3B: The Epic Hero Is on a quest 1. When he fights grendal 2. When he fights grendals mother Has superior or superhuman strength, intellect and/or courage: 1. When he goes to fight without a weapon and when he beats him shows both courage and superhuman strength. Makes ethical choices: 1. Beowulf is ethical in the way he went to Hrothgar and asked for permission to kill…show more content…
The old woman is humble and resects the knight, but the knight behaves wild because he is not trained on how to handle women. The knight deceives the old woman that he will do anything she requests, but he refuses to marry her after the queen asked him to marry her. The wife bath says that women need freedom to make decisions and if they are given freedom they will be frank with their husbands. The wife of bath is obstinate as she does not obey her husbands. She wants to control them. The wife of bath is always complaining that women need to be given freedom to make their own decision and she leaves her marriages because she has no freedom. The wife of bath argues that women will become more faithful to their husbands if they have freedom, but they will become less faithful if they have no freedom. Freedom increase the degree of faithfulness in marriage and lack of freedom decreases the degree of faithfulness in marriage. The wife of bath insists that women are kind to men when they have freedom, but men hate women and disrespect
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