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The world of art lives around us in our daily lives, it has may become more evolved than it was from back in the day but art does go back into centuries. Art is something that is created by one’s imagination and made into something to show the way the artist thinks, feels and/or to tell a story. Art is a path that some choose to show their creative side, whether it is a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, quilts, photography or glass and so much more. There are many ways to show one’s creative imagination. Personally, mine has been drawing on a piece of paper with just a pencil and an eraser. I wouldn’t say that my definition of art has made me rethink of the definition; it has given me the opportunity to open my mind even more and see the bigger picture. It has shown me that there is more to art than meets the eye, to keep an open mind and try to see what the artist is trying to say. I will admit Da Vinci, Picasso and Kincade have been my favorite painters, Chihuly is now a favorite when it becomes to glass blowing. There are so many different artists to choose from to discuss about. I guess the one that I choose to discuss will be Chihuly.
Chihuly has been a glass sculpture for many years and has a piece of his artwork in the textbook “A World of Art” by Henry M. Sayre. The piece that I chose is in chapter 14, page 339, the Rotunda Chandelier. The reason why I chose this piece is because before taking this class I really had not thought of glass blowing being a form of art. I thought of glass blowing being more functional than a collector’s item. The Rotunda Chandelier stands 27 x 12 x 12 feet and hangs from the ceiling in front the entrance in a museum in London (Sayre 2013). This piece of artwork was made in the modern design to accentuate to the museums modernism. Chihuly’s piece looks as if it have a function behind the art because it illuminates two

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