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Journal 6: People Who Need People First, the most important people in my life right now are my dad, mom, and best friend. To describe my father, he is a very kind, thoughtful and a great parent to me. He’s dependable and gives out his best every day. His calamity always relaxes me when I’m sometimes around him. My father is a very important person to me because he is my guardian, a teacher, and my beloved person that I love dearly. Without having my father in my life would have been different. It would be a sad thing for me, I wouldn’t know how to always deal with having just one parent in my life, and not knowing how it feels like to have two parents at my side. Next, to describe my mother, she is very considerate to people’s problems that she likes to help them get through with. She has a lively personality. My mother is a very important person to me because she and I understand each other well enough to take care of one another. She and I have each others back. Without having my mother in my life would have been different on many levels for me. Mostly, if my mother left me at birth with my father, it’d be a really tough life for the both of us. It’d be hard for my father to raise me all alone and not having support from my mom. Another thing is, it’d be hard to not have a female perspective over things that a daughter like me needs to know about. Also, to describe my best friend, her personality is a carefree type. She’s a charming person to be around with and a very optimistic friend. She likes to believe in the greater good of all living things, and she’s always loyal. The reason why my best friend is an important person to me is because without her in my life, I wouldn’t have made wise decisions and she never abandons me from anything that I do. Without having my best friend around would have been different for me. If my best friend

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