Journal Entry on Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave

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I was surprised to learn that the ability to read and write was the key to a slave’s freedom. But it makes sense. Ignorance gives birth to injustice. Knowledge prevents ignorance. Ignorance to the truth and ignorance to other people’s sufferings are very harmful to our humanity. Also, I was under the impression that the civil war was caused by the North’s attempt to free the black slaves. It is surprising to learn that no attempt was made to free the salves in the beginning of the war. Frederick Douglass was a hero to all slaves for convincing the president to emancipate them. The treatment of slave is worse than I previously thought. It is saddening to learn that the slaveholders valued their slaves no more than they did their livestock. The cruelty inflicted from slaveholders to slaves was despicable. To separate a mother from her children is horrible. To separate the children from their elderly mother who could not look after herself and leave her to die alone in the woods is the most disgusting thing I have read in a long while. And slavery can be blamed for all of these atrocities. Mrs. Auld’s transformation was quite unexpected. I believe a truly kind hearted person would not be so easily corrupted by her environment. But then I think I may have overestimated our ability to resist corruptions. Mrs. Auld is the perfect example. The other little white boys who taught Frederick Douglass how to read and write were also quite innocent before their inevitable corruption. They make me realize that humans, no matter how wicked they turn out later in life, are at one point kind and innocent. We all have the capacity for kindness. But if we are not careful, we can be corrupted by our surroundings. We have to be very mindful of what we surround ourselves in order to preserve our morals. The slaveholders had very different view on justice. Their
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