Journal Entry: My Hero's Diary By James Mcbride

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Journal Entry # 1 James McBride For those of you that don’t know me, my name is James McBride. I am one of twelve children and my mothers name is Ruth McBride Jordan. Heres a little about myself. I am a writer, journalist, jazz musician, and a composer. My mother married Andrew Dennis McBride, and had eight of my mother’s children together. Sadly, my father died when Ruth was pregnant with me. My mom then married Hunter Jordan, who was a mechanic for the New York City Housing Authority. Ruth had four children with Hunter, and he shared the importance of God, family, and education with her. I grew up with hunter as my father, and considered him as my role model. Hunter had a stroke when I was a teenager and he died shortly after. One of my sisters that is very…show more content…
I was finally the oldest of the house and got to boss around my younger siblings, but instead I stayed away from home as much as possible doing the wrong things at the same time. When Ruth found out about my nonsense, she sent me to my sister Jacks house in Kentucky for the summer. I was fine with this arrangement, and did not take it as a punishment. I went there three straight summers and started to hangout with Jacks husband’s friends. They were Southern working men who smoked, drove big cars, liked fine women, and were honorable drinking men. However, Chicken man was my favorite, and I learned the most from him. He made me realize flunking out of school wouldn’t prove anything. He urged me to educate and motivate myself to work hard in order to succeed. “Everybody on this corner is smart. You aint no smarter than anybody here. If you so smart, why you got to come on this corner every summer? Cause you flunking school! You think if you drop out of school, someones gonna beg you to go back? HELL NO!” (P. 150 said by Chicken
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