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Having the “right major” does not necessarily mean you will get the job you want. My dad, for example, was a computer science major. Now, he is a commercial real estate broker. He never would have imagined that this is what his career would turn out to be 30 years ago. Career development is definitely not a one-time event. I’ve noticed that the teachers at my internship are still working to develop themselves in the working world. They are all trying to get promotions or even try out another aspect of the special education field. Now that I am in the process of applying to colleges, I know that career centers exist to help seniors with the job selection process. They are very useful but they do not necessarily get jobs for the graduates 100% of the time. When my mom wanted to switch jobs last year, she would look in the newspaper and circle offers for different jobs. However, she found her new job through a family friend who knew about an opening at his work. She would never have found out about it if she had stuck to the newspaper. Finding jobs is about who you know, not what you know. Employers are looking for experience, but not the most experience, the best experience. When colleges ask me for an activities resume, I provide them with a short, concise outline of everything I have done. It lets them know about my experiences without dwelling on the little activities that I do because they are meaningless. A cover letter is very important because it is a direct address to your, hopefully, future employer. It’s almost like a first impression. Career changes happen all the time. Some jobs require extra training, but most will train you on the spot. My neighbor was an English major who was planning to work for Teach for America. She just got a job at a law firm. She is being trained there and doesn’t need to attend law school. The work force is a very interesting

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