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Journal Entry Amanda Ballard ETH/125 November 13, 2011 Terralyn Hanks Journal Entry My name is Amanda and I am a 20 year old African American. My family and ancestors were born into slavery and they were slaves their whole lives until now. My family and I are the rare lucky ones. For as long as I can remember, we have lived on a plantation. Most slave families were separated because of their owners, but we are owned by the same family. We were told that we have to get on a ship. It has been very difficult and confusing for me these past few months. My family and I have had to move to the Americas on a boat. This situation has been difficult to deal with because my family and I have been together for most of my life. Most of my family has been separated, but I am still here with my mother and sister. The men and boys are on another boat, but I am not able to see them. I do not understand or even know why we are moving from the plantation, but we were told we had to go. According to Matthew Kane ( 2001), "There were many instances on board ships where slaves had thrown themselves over board, thus committing suicide and ensuring a life away from the slave trade´. (Slave facts, para. 2)Not very many things have change for us slaves in the Americas. When I try to use the restroom it always turns out that I amusing the wrong one. Everything I use is different than what is of our owners, and their race use. Everything is label ³whites only´ or ³blacks only´, I am too young to fully understand why that is. My only hope is that in the future things will one day change. I dream of a place where everyone is no longer segregated. Where it will not matter what color you are to use the bathroom just simply male or female. I currently attend an all-black school. I used to have a Caucasian friend who kept me company, but we could no longer be friends because we had reached

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