Journal Entry 1 Essay

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Our school had organized drama competition which involves all the lower 6 students. The objective of this competition is to encourage the students to speak in English and be confident when presenting our show on the stage. First and foremost, teacher Ramesh came into our class and introduced us about the drama. Jack, Mei Hui and Vicky volunteered themselves as the group leader. The other students divided themselves into three groups according to the requirement that had been set by teacher. I was assigned to the Jack’s group which called Knight’s group. Then, we had a group discussion. By this discussion, we knew our jobs in the group clearer and more detail. Every group member was given a post to make sure that our drama can be presented fluency. I felt so happy that I had given a post as a journal administrator. I will take my responsibility to make sure every group members do their journal and hand up on time. I hope that the other group members that hold a post also can take responsibility on their duty. In the discussion, we also gave out our ideas about the drama show. Although at the end of the discussion, we still can’t have a clear theme for our show, but I believe that we can get a good script after some more times of discussion. Through this activity, I had learned to try to talk in English when we discuss about the drama. As we know that practice make ones perfect, so I think that I should talk more English with my friends. I should change my habit to talk English automatically without forcing by teacher. This is because the world international language is English, most of the latest information is written in English. If we can’t handle English well, we will lose the chance to grab the latest information. We also cannot communicate with other which lives in foreign country well. Learning English bring a lot of goods to us. We should learn it

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