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Compare & contrast two journal articles that deal with cognitive and psychosocial behavior. Introduction (10 points) 1-2 pages, times new roman 12 font, APA format and in-text citation: · Statement of the research purpose and rationale. · Relationship of the research purpose to previous and/or related empirical research. · Statements of specific objectives or research hypothesis (biosocial, cognitive, or psychosocial). For example, It is predicted that young adults will find concepts of biological development significantly more important than other age groups. Make your prediction! Methods (10 points) In this section, you should. 1) Describe your research design, 2) Describe the sample (i.e., age, gender, race), 3) Describe the sampling procedures. How did you choose your participants (e.g., random sample, sample of convenience)? 4. Describe your research procedures (e.g., how did you obtain the data, where did you obtain the data, what measures did you use, how did you code the data)? Basically you state everything you did in this section. Another researcher should be able to replicate what you did. Include everything! Results (5 points) This section is typically statistics. After I analyze the data, I will help you with this section. Discussion (10 points) What did you find in your results section? What did the statistics mean? Here you will state it in words. For example, young adults found social media to be significantly more important than adults in middle adulthood. What were some of the limitations to your study? What would you recommend future researchers/students to do? How could they strengthen this study? References (5 points) Provide a reference list of all citations made in this paper Final Paper will be 3-4 pages in APA

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