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Journal ------------------------------------------------- Journal entry week 4 Gleaning for the World and Microsoft Katherine Schappert Phi445 elaine phompheng 1/20/14 Katherine Schappert Phi445 elaine phompheng 1/20/14 Gleaning for the World The only problem that Gleaning for the World is facing right now is not having enough supplies. They are trying to stop sex trafficking in the Philippines as well as making sure that West Virginia has water that they need because of the chemical spill that occurred. They are also working on supplying water for the towns and states that are going to be hit after the chemicals leave West Virginia and travel downstream (Press, 2014). They have been told not to drink bathe or even cook with their tap water. Stopping the sex trafficking in the Philippines is going to be a struggle for Gleaning as they heard that they are trying to get you to sell your oldest child in order to feed the other four that you have. Gleaning for the World is trying to send supplies over so that they don’t need to sell their children in to trafficking just to make it by for food. This is impacting the organization because they are a Christian organization and feel as though if they don’t stop the trafficking then they aren’t doing what they are meant to do. No one imparticular is at fault for this because it takes more than one person to receive, send, and distribute the products and they need the donations in order to send the products that are needed in order to stop the trafficking. Davidson said “sex traffickers are the first feet on the ground in many countries following a major disaster, exploiting those families that are left homeless without food or water” (Gherardi, 2013). Potential solutions that could help Gleaning for the World stop the sex trafficking and make sure they get the water transported to where it is needed is to

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