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Sexual Techniques and Behaviour Patterns I intend to write about sexual techniques and statistical breakdown of “who does what with whom.” My aim is to provide information about the diversity of sexual expression. I am not seeking consensus on what is acceptable. Nor I pass judgements or encourage my reader to expand their sexual routine. In my paper I will discuss Solitary Sexual Behaviour that includes sexual fantasy, sexual dreams and masturbation. I will also tackle about Sexual Behaviour With Others that includes foreplay, tantrix sex, kissing, touching, oral-genital stimulation and sexual intercourse: positions and techniques. Preliminary Bibliography Bajos, N., Collumbien, M., Hodges, Z., Patel, D., Singh, S., Slaymaker, E., Wellings, K. (2006). Sexual Reproductive Health 2. Sexual behaviour in context: a global perspective, 1, 1-16. Retrieved from Durham, A. (2010, Dec 02). Inappropriate sexual behaviour by children and young people. Community Care, , 32-33. Retrieved from 850456301?accountid=27351 Herold, E. S., Nevid, J. S., Rathus, L. F., Rathus, S. A. (2010). Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity (Rev. ed.). Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Author. Iasenza, S., P.H.D. (2010). What is queer about sex?: Expanding sexual frames in theory and practice. Family Process, 49(3), 291-308. Retrieved from June Reinisch, P. D. (1991, Aug 16). Straights can have gay fantasies.The Ottawa Citizen. Retrieved from Leeman, E. (1998). Pre-freud freudian thoughts on sex. The Lancet, 352(9123), 243-244. Retrieved from Maticka-Tyndale, E. (2008).

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