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As I began reading The Remains of The Day, I quickly realized that the butler seemed somewhat “off” or mysterious. In that he doesn’t seem to disclose too much as far as his thoughts. The story opens with Stevens prepared to take an 'expedition,' for which he has full permission of Mr. Farraday and for which he has been planning quite some time. Mr. Farraday is on his way to the United States for five weeks in August and September and has encouraged him to take a break, and drive off somewhere in the country. It almost seems that Stevens is not fond of Mr. Farraday. At first, it seems that Stevens is a bit incredulous, assuming there is little behind Mr. Farraday's suggestion. But his employer presses him, saying he should take a break from the big house. Still, Stevens does not take the prospect of a 'vacation' seriously - until a letter arrives for him. The letter is from Miss Kenton, a former housekeeper at Darlington Hall, who he has not heard from in seven years. In the letter, Stevens believes he picks up subtle cues from Miss Kenton that she would like to return to her work at Darlington Hall. And it is for this reason that Stevens plans to undertake the expedition to fully convince her that such a return would be fully welcome. I notice here that it seems right away that Stevens is either in love with Miss. Kenton or has some sort of feelings for her. Before reading into the book I want to make a prediction that Stevens is probably going to take the trip just to see Miss. Kenton. I’m really hoping that this story does not turn into a love story. Though I seriously doubt my professor, Prof. Vecera would give the class a book to read if it was just a love story. So I’m assuming that some dramatic event will happen that will either affect the relationship of Stevens and Miss. Kenton or Stevens and Mr. Farraday. One big thing that I have noticed about this novel

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