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Psychology 239 The journal article I reviewed was put together by Evans-Campbell, T., Huang, B., &Walters, K. (2006, August). The main objective of the study was to determine how common interpersonal violence and its negative health factors were in urban AIAN (American Indian/Alaska Native) women. This study was meant to help health professionals in understanding health ricks related to these victims. To determine these results the researchers (Evans-Campbell, 96(8)) surveyed adult 18 to 77 year old AIAN women residing in New York City. They then performed Chi-square tests and developed models from the answers to 533 question surveys. They found that the majority of the women had experienced some form of interpersonal violence at some point in their life, and the experiences did affect their mental and behavioral health around the time of the incident. However, these experiences did not appear to affect their current mental health. In conclusion the researchers (Evans-Campbell, 96(8))found that with such a high level of abuse among AIAN women, that what was needed was help in violence prevention. Also, those AIAN women will seek out health professionals when the need arises, therefore these professionals attitudes towards their experience will be a big factor in helping them on their way to recovery. This journal has much evident strength. Using survey statistics it brings to light a need for violence prevention in urban communities for AIAN women by evidence in their models stating that “more then half (65.5%) of the women in the sample had experienced at least 1 serious form of traumatic interpersonal violence” (p.7). The journal does show that interpersonal violence is connected with depression, dysphoria, and other health conditions. It shows a great need for the prevention of sexual assault as well by reporting data showing that rape instances in this group

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