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Journal #1 Using Sherman Alexie’s story as a model, write your own educational chronology. You do not need to include every year, but try to cover at least three. For each year, pull out one or two events or images that seem to encapsulate that year and reveal your feelings and perspective toward it. See if any underlying themes develop for you as you move from year to year. So much to tell about my experience in school! But then some years were much more interesting. As super-active, second son of a newly-hired librarian I plunged to a new American mission school in 1968. Adjusting in a small town, Nequmte, located about 160 miles south west of Addis Ababa, it was my dream going to first grade like my elder brother, Sahle. The school was small but packed beyond capacity. Most of my classmates were locals .With limited knowledge of their language I had difficulty communicating in the first few months. Our class was one of six or seven rooms. The walls were made of wooden splinters, planted to the floor and tied side to side, patched with dried mud mixed with hay. The roof was of corrugated tin, no ceiling, so we felt the tropical heat conducted. We were sometimes scared of the loud continuous noise made by the heavy rain. There were few occupied broken desks so the rest of us sat on logs. The teachers were more focused in Christian teaching. I loved the bible stories, the teachers liked the way I retold the stories. Next year I was transferred to a public school where my father worked and my brother was a pupil . Contrary to the previous school this one was big and well furnished. At the end of the first semester I was ranked second in class and was promoted to the third grade. Learning English by an American peace corps volunteer (Mr. Sapala) was enjoyable .Frequenting the USIS reading-room ,with the guidance of my father, provided us with

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