Josie's Expectations In 'Looking For Alibrandi'

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A successful story should be something that makes you think and wonder how you can relate to it in your life. In ‘Looking for Alibrandi, I think, many people who read it can relate too some of the feelings felt by Josie. Some of the common relations to the book people have are, John Barton’s suicide and how Josie grieved or to the hilarious situation of ‘the Hot Pants magazine quiz’ at the beginning of the book and how Josie attempted to get out of being caught, as everyone would try to do in her situation. ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ I think was successful of achieving the expectations that a reader expects in a novel. One of the expectations of a successful novel is ‘Entertainment’ this is needed to keep a reader amused and not bored with the book. This can be done by providing many funny events, relationship highs and lows and of coarse drama. This is clearly shown throughout the whole book, but a main point of interest was at the beginning of the book when the author creates a humorous an witty situation when Josie is reading ‘Hot Pants’ magazine in…show more content…
This is demonstrated in ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ though the major issue of suicide, which is experienced by Josie. John left the world with everyone thinking, why? Later on in the novel Ivy tells Josie “John’s decision to suicide was shown to be the result of him seeing no other way out of his despair and pressures in his life, it was a plea for help” Reader began to think about seeing John’s life and death from a different perspective and seeing the notion to suicide as the “tragic consequence of un-realistic thinking” and see that it isn’t the solution to a troubled persons problems, especially in Johns case he was afraid to stand up to the people who expected things of him which he saw to be

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