Josey Embezzlement Case

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| Josey Embezzlement Case | | | Jennifer Allgeier | 9/11/2011 | | Jeanette Elizabeth Josey is involved in a million dollar embezzlement case. She is accused of embezzling the money from her employer James Gillikin. James Gillikin is the owner of Gillikin Marine Railways, Inc., Morgan Creek Seafood, James T Gillikin Inc, Traveler Captain Jimmy Inc and Captain James II Inc. Josey worked as the office manager for the group for seventeen years. Detectives in Carteret County said that this is the largest embezzlement case they have encountered. According to news channel Josey embezzled the money from legitimate payee accounts of the corporation’s general accounts and then converted the money to her own use. She would conceal the movement of money by stamping corporate checks with a made up office stamp with one of the five corporation names so that it appeared the money was going to where it needed to. Deputies say that she then used the money to pay off loans, debts, obtain property, pay insurance, and pay for exotic trips and vacations. Josey had been embezzling the money over the seventeen years that she worked there. It was discovered when Gilliken tried to use a debit card Josey had gotten for him. When asked to enter his zip code it was rejected when he put in his zip code. Upon going to the bank to address the problem it was discovered that it was her zip code that belonged to the card. Josey is currently being charged with two counts of felony embezzlement. Josey was your typical white collar criminal. She was in her 50’s with no prior criminal record, and was considered a loyal long time employee. Since she was considered a valuable employee and had been with the company for so long it seemed unlikely that she would have been capable of such a crime. There are three in the opportunity triangle that happens when fraud

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