Joseph Strorm In The Chrysalids

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When you hear the word villain, you think of a non-fixional character. Joseph Strorm in John Wyndam’s novel The Chrysalids is an everyday villain. He does not have respect in Waknuk and is feared by many people in the community. As the largest land owner and the man of local consequence he is very controlling over the law-abiding, God-respecting community. Joseph Strorm is an example of a villain because of his cold heartedness, his violent actions, and his religious beliefs. Through Joseph Strorms violent actions throughout the entire book he proves himself to be a villain. One might get the impression that he uses violent actions to overpower others. For example because of David’s concealment of Sophie, Joseph had physically beaten David.…show more content…
To begin when aunt Harriet came to the Strorm’s for help about her mutated baby, he sent her away refusing to help her. “Shame on you women! Now go! Go home in humility, not defiance” (pg 72). In addition he also went with the search party that was after his own children. If the search party were to capture his two children they would have been tortured and possibly killed. Finally, Joseph does not acknowledge the fact that he does have a brother, simply because his brother is deviation. He also does not care for his brother the way that siblings should. “I saw my father pause on the steps and survey the group of horsemen then he, too, noticed the man in the middle of them. For a moment her stood staring, just as I had done – then all his color drained away, and his face went blotchy grey” ( pg 34). Through the cold hearted behavior that he demonstrates through The Chrysalids Joseph Strorm has proven to be a villain. In conclusion, Joseph Strorm in Whydam’s novel The Chrysalids has the qualities of a villain. He is coldhearted, violent, and obsessed with the wrong religious beliefs. Joseph Strorm is an intimidating man in Waknuk and even his own wife and children are scared of him. Joseph Strorm demonstrates the characteristics of a true villain throughout the entire
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