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Joseph’s Story A. Risk Factors: Family history of vascular disease Weight gain Working long hours Stressed at work Not sleeping well Started to smoke cigarettes again Eating fatty foods Putting all his risk factors together can stress out the heart and circulation of blood vessels that help maintain a homeostasis of the body. When the body cannot produce or reproduce cells that help keeps the body in order they fight other cells which deteriorate and die when they cannot the reproduce vitamins or oxygen they need to survive. B. When his heart struggle to work with the life giving blood slowed along with the oxygen, glucose and essentials ions it carried to pump the heart, each cell continues working and rapidly using it ATP supply, so when the carbon dioxide level cells rise inside the cell the PH drops and the mitochondria no longer has enough oxygen to make ATP energy which allows the cells to begin to die. The cells become leaky, sodium slowly begin to leak into the cells and potassium leaks out which contributes to his unctrolled spasms of the heart. C. All intracellular organelles have membranes some may even have two membranes as part of their structure. The breakdown of the membranes affects Joseph’s heart cell because the ATPases has stopped moving the special calcium from the cytosol in to his cardiac muscle cells. As the intracellular calcium level rose they caused the proteasomes start to leak out of the cell and into the cytoskeleton. D. With his predisposition of vascular disease the mitochondria, DNA and mRNA can self replicate (duplicate) itself with help of DNA to repair itself. E. Oxygen, energy and nutrients that is required to produce ATP, affected the function of his cells to change because the cells continued to work which made it rapidly use its ATP supply, multiple cellular processing can affect the homeostasis of the body to

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