Joseph Mengele: the Angel of Death

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Joseph Mengele: The Angel of Death In the 1930's, the Nazis rose to power in Germany. They were convinced that the German race was superior to all races. However, they felt that the Jews were a threat to their superiority and so felt the need to abolish them. Approximately six million Jewish people were killed during the Holocaust. The Germans also murdered other groups, such as Roma, Slavic, and disabled people. Including the six million Jewish people, a total of approximately ten million people were murdered. Many of these people were killed by gas chambers, starvation, or from the workload at concentration camps. About five percent or less were killed by medical experiments. Joseph Mengele was a doctor who took part in these experiments. These experiments were conducted in the name of advancing the knowledge of genetics. But in Mengele's case they were something more personal. Joseph Mengele held the same views as the Nazi regime. His views on the Pure Aryan race changed after college. Mengele was exposed to people who changed his opinion about Jewish people, Gypsies, and disabled people. Joseph Mengele was born in Guenzburg, Germany to an upper middle class family. His parents owned a plant, which made farming equipment. He was born to Karl and Walburga Mengele and had two younger siblings. Karl was a local manufacturer, he was a fair employer, yet stern when need be (Lynott 2). Karl was very involved with his work, he did not pay much attention to his children. There were only two things that he worried about, that being his plant and his wife. Karl did not really have a place for his children in his life. Walburga was no different she was also only concerned about the money that came into the household. She was said to be more stern than her husband when it came to work. The workers were afraid of her temper, she would often yell at workers for their
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