Joseph Mccarthy Essay

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Joseph McCarthy was a very strong anti-communist. The HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) made searches for communists in government, called witnesses to testify, and guaranteed Americans that the government was doing the best they could to find spies from the Soviet Union. The HUAC testified Lionel Stander. I agree with Stander’s portrayal of the HUAC committee and Joseph McCarthy. Joseph McCarthy was a supporter of the HUAC. McCarthy was very determined to catch the Soviet spies, and to eliminate any communism in America. He thought it would destroy democracy in the US. McCarthy even harmed innocent Americans if that’s what it took to get rid of the communism in America. The HUAC tested Lionel Stander because he was a part of the movie industry. Stander’s testimony was the boldest HUAC testimony. Lionel Stander did not like that he was being tested for supposedly “brainwashing” Americans to support communism. Because he did not like the HUAC, he did not like Joseph McCarthy for his ways of getting rid of communism. In the testimony, Lionel Stander argued that the HUAC undermined the Constitution. He believed that it deprived people of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without due process of law. I also agree that the HUAC deprived people of this. People had to be put on trial for things that were not even any of the members of the committee’s business. They also could not do the things they wanted to do, like make movies, without being questioned of whether or not they were trying to spread communism in America. Stander also thought that the people that were being deprived of their Constitutional rights were “engaged in the conspiracy outside all the legal processes to undermine our very fundamental American concepts.” This means that these people were occupied with the plan that legal processes like the HUAC could take away the American
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