Jose P. Rizal: a National Hero, What Can I Learn and Imitate Essay

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Rizal. Rizal. Rizal. Do I know you? Have we met? Oh yeah, this was my section when I was in my Senior High. (Laughs J ) My goodness, after four years, we met again, José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda! Seriously, why heard, read, wrote it down and encountered all over and over again? Having Rizal subject in my schedule this semester is a boring, nonsense and a wasted time ever happened in my life. I thought so. But I was really wrong! Because knowing YOU more is far greater than a SECTION, a MONUMENT, a STREET, the man on the PESO coin, a NAME, etc., much more than that – because you’re a HERO that this world and the Philippines can ever have. Now what can I learn and imitate from you so far? (Because the semester is not yet over.) At first, I was very skeptical about what I read through the pages and chapters of our reference material and to what the reporters in front saying and trying to discuss and emphasize during our discussions – that he is truly GREAT! Because it seems that he and his life is somewhat a perfect one that can only be read and heard in fictional stories – somewhat unbelievable. Maybe that’s his fate and he was really destined to be the “Jose Rizal” everybody around the world admired of! As evidences do not and never ever lie – only interpretations (laughs J). I just hope that, those biographers of him didn’t make exaggerations just to make him appealing like that, that he is so great. Anyway, José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda and his 35 years of existence simply taught me two great things and values in life. First, valuing and loving relationships – be it family relationships, friendships, special relationships, country-citizen relationship and most especially You-and-Your-Creator relationship. Rizal was a very loving and obedient child to his parents, sibling and relatives. Only the best intentions

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