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Journalistic review of “The title is up to you” by Oliver Freedom. The freedom to live in the moment is something we all desire. People constantly try to live day by day; separating present from future. But eventually no one can escape the reality that comes crashing down on us. Living today without having to think about tomorrow is a privilege which most people lack; and by pretending that we can afford this luxury, we often find ourselves in severe debts. “The title is up to you” by Oliver is a fictional short story about a schoolboy who strived for this freedom. The boy hated the monotonous life at school, and he was tired of the repetitive work assigned by his teachers. He knew that everyone else was working hard for their future; but when sitting in the classroom, he felt that time stood still and the future seemed farther than ever. The boy was unable to understand why he shouldn’t live a good life at the moment if he could. In the pursuit for freedom, the boy flies off with his imaginations, taking the reader through a quick journey of his life. The boy experiences a liberty he had never felt before as he flew higher and higher into the skies. In the end, when reality finally strikes him, he is already a grown man and unable to redeem his wasted childhood. The grown man plummets down onto the ground as his imaginations are no longer enough to carry his weight. He crashes down into a dark alley with no way out, and finds himself to be an outcast in a society which he no longer belongs in. Interview with the author Where did you get inspiration from? I got the inspiration from an English teacher of mine in Australia, who liked stories that mixed fiction and reality. Can you relate to the story? Yes, I can partially relate to the thoughts of the boy in the story. Although I realize reality and would not fly off with my imaginations. What is the

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