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Jordan Lopez It all started in the city of San Francisco in the town called Daly City. Daly City is a coastal community located at the northernmost edge of San Mateo County sharing a common border with the City/County of San Francisco. Daly City has a population of more than 100,000 much of the increase is an ethnic diversity of newcomers from the Asian and Latin countries. Daly City's climate is cool, with few extremes. Daly City has a rich history from early settlers to political troublemakers to boxers to farmers, Daly City's historical landscape is filled with fascinating and quirky characters. The city has evolved from a primarily rural town into the most populous city in San Mateo County– and a significant center for business and recreation as well. This City is home to a seventeen year old Filipino boy by the name of Jordan Lopez. Jordan is 5”7 with black hair, brown eyes, he dresses like a typical popular Filipino teenage boys wear which is skinny jeans, v-necks, other casual shirts, vans, converses, Nike shoes, fitted caps , etc… Jordan is a 12th grader in Terra nova High school who is very well known in school for being the captain of the basketball team and he’s one of the best dancers in school with his dance crew Sparkle Dazzle Motion. Although Jordan is dedicated to his hobbies his family is the big picture in his life he does a lot for his family but his family never sees it because they seem to be very hard on him because they don’t like his dad and Jordan reminds them of him not how he acts but how he looks. His family is very iffy there’s the whole happy family moments but still many arguments between each other like any other family that wants to be perfect but being perfect in family’s don’t tend to happen much often. Jordan doesn’t like his stepdad at all he just acts like he does because he’s the type of son who just wants to

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