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Writing #1 Drunk driving causes approximately one-third of all traffic fatalities in the United States. Drunk driving is an important problem that happens daily in our country and drives many people crazy. Drunk driving cause’s accidents that can be deadly or can be just minor accidents. Drunk driving causes personal issues that are life-long or can be outgrown over time. Drunk driving cause’s problems for innocent people, problems that can end their life or can complicate how they will their life from now on. One thing that drives me crazy is when the drunk people get into wrecks. Frist the injuries the people can receive can be prevented by not drinking and driving. I hate seeing people with broken bones, internal injuries, head damage, and even being paralyzed, because after they tell me it is from drinking and driving I just want to hit them, because they could have prevented the injuries from happening. The biggest thing that ticks me off is when the drunk driver can walk away perfectly fine when other things or people are severely damaged. Another thing that pushes me over the edge is when that person has injured other people before then comes back and hurts other people another time. One example is rapper Kryzie Bone got a DUI and injured one person by hitting them when he was driving, but the next time he almost hurt a police officer. Not only the injuries people can receive, but also the slight chance that PTSD might affect the person. PTSD makes me so sad when you know people before PTSD has settled in and then when it does they act totally different. When drunk drivers get this they can tend to become more aggressive. This does not make me happy, because if you know the person you know that it is not like them to be aggressive, but since they were drunk one time and got in a car wreck that this is their consequence. Also what drives me crazy

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