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1. Company Background a. Identify the subject of the Term Project by name and location. JONES SODA CO. 234 Ninth Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109 b. Identify the firm’s primary product. If there are multiple products that could be characterized as “primary”, pick any one. Jones Soda Co.’s primary product is all natural cane soda. c. Identify the industry of the firm’s primary product by name, its 4-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)code, and its 6-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. Jones Soda Co. operates within the soft drink industry – SIC # 2086 (208604, Beverages-Manufacturers) – NAICS code: 312111, Soft Drink Manufacturing Jones Soda describes themselves as being a part of The New Age or Alternative Beverage Category which is a specific section of the soft drink industry. Below is a description of The New Age or Alternative category as found within the 10-K report for Jones Soda. “New Age or alternative beverages are distinguishable from mainstream carbonated soft drinks in that they tend to contain natural ingredients combined with less sugar and carbonation. As a general rule, three criteria have been established for the New Age or alternative beverage classification: (1) relatively new introduction to the marketplace, a perception by consumers that consumption is healthful compared to mainstream carbonated soft drinks, and the use of natural ingredients and flavors in the products.” 2 Market Definition a. What is the product dimension (of the market definition) for the firm’s primary product? Explain how you came to this conclusion. The product dimension of the market definition is the description of all the products within a given market. A market is made up of all the products that consumers perceive to be as substitutes, and the product dimension of that market is the

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