Jones Blair Company Case

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Jones Blair Company Case BA 7050 – Fall 2012 Group 5 [pic] [pic] September 30, 2012 Mr. Alexander Barrett, President Jones Blair Company 2728 Empire Central Road Dallas, TX 75235 Mr. Alexander Barrett, On behalf of our consulting firm, I would like to extend our comments and consideration to you regarding the marketing dilemma that your company is currently facing. We have been able to review the Jones Blair Company’s performance over the past few years, along with a detailed description of the targeted demographic for your company. We have developed a scenario analysis of the pros and cons of the four options that the vice presidents of advertising, operations, sales and finance have presented to you. Upon further review, we believe that the best approach for your company would be to hire an additional sales representative in the field for the non-DFW market, targeting household and retail accounts. This is the area that would allow the most potential growth in sales and profitability. The proceeding report will allow you to examine and understand our analysis of each scenario. Thank you for selecting Group 5 in your consulting needs, and we look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely, Group 5 • Strategic problem and issue identification The architectural paint industry is the largest market within the U.S. paint industry, holding onto roughly 43 percent of total industry dollar sales. However, while the architectural paint industrial sales are expected to grow year after year, the total number of paint companies is expected to drop by 2 to 3 percent per year. This reduction of paint companies is forcing many companies to consider activities such as merger and acquisitions to move forward. The architectural paint industry provides their products to multiple groups, placing a focus on two main areas:

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