Jonathan Swift’s “a Modest Proposal”

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Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” Jimmie Warren Professor Andre Partykevich Humanities 112 April 28, 2013 The story was about a man who walked the streets in Ireland in 1729. He observed kids doing different things trying to survive. He believed that kids should be more productive in life. From his observation of how poor people live, they didn’t deserve to have kids. He came up with a proposal that would help poor people with their kids. The proposal was that he wanted to sell kids for consumption. He goes on to tell about how to make the kids fat for consumption. The mother should feed them more at the last part of the month. With his proposal, he believed it would be good for the country. It would provide trading and help the richest who have no kids. My thoughts of Jonathan Swift are that he is a very mentally disturbed person. Who in their right mind want to consume young children? The surprise was not what I expected. It was horrible because he wanted to kill children and eat them. The beginning was great when he talked about how poor people in Ireland have children and are unable to support them. I’m thinking this story is about how to help poor people with children have a better life. Then, the surprise was so shocking to read. Swift wanted to nurse young healthy children and make them into a wholesome food by stewing, roasting, baking, or boiling them. This was his way of helping poor people with their problems with their children. He thought by eating children it would help with poverty in Ireland. I realized Swift was a person with serious problems when I started reading about children becoming a wholesome food at a young age. I was shocked when he continued to talk about the difference between males and females. How wrote that the females would become breeders. The author had me believing in the beginning that he was out to help the
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