Jonathan Swift-Gullivers Travel Essay

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Omar Qatanani Professor Feig May 24, 2012 Chapter VI- Connector To understand a little about the story we have to look at the author and his history. Jonathan swift was known to have his life influence his work. During the 1700s, Britain and France were at the height of their hatred. This was all building up the soon-to-happen Seven Year War and the French and Indian War. Swift, an Irishman was critique. He made satires such as his Modest Proposal. Now every character, place and nation represents something in Swifts life. This being so, the Lilliputians would represent England and Blufesco France. The argument on how eggs should be cracked, represents the rather idiotic feud between the two ‘First World’ nations, England and France. A big thing we are opened to is the power of the nobles and education. In Gulliver’s Travel the less educated people tended to believe false idiotic traditions. Such as the earth as round, the earth will be turned upside down and everyone will be resurrected in 11,000 moons (917 years). Only the educated people disregarded this belief. Something that really shows us how huge this is that England's literacy rate in this period would rise from 45 to 63 percent. This is an example of another big change from the Enlightenment era. From 1710 to 1714, conservatives tried to revive the union between the state and the Church of England. There is a big Emphasis on murdering those who lie or make false accusations against the other people. We all know the story of Galileo: Murdered because he declared a scientific fact against the Catholic Church. A big moment of realization in Gulliver’s Travel is when we see that those who are falsely accused are recompensed quadruple for their loss of time. It’s ridiculous; it’s an extremely pointless law. In Britain crime was increasing with the advancing economy. In London were habitual offenders
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