Jonathan Kozol’s “Untouchables” Essay

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Summary to Jonathan Kozol’s “Untouchables” “Untouchables” by Jonathan Kozol is an exemplification essay about the treatment of homeless American’s. The essay gives us rich detailed stories of homeless people that are homeless not by choice, but problems have occurred in their lives that put them in their current situation. “Untouchables” shows how homeless people survive while others are trying to get rid of them. Richard Lazarus, a veteran that became homeless after many years of hard working, tells us how difficult it is to find a job just because he is “overqualified” for “simple” jobs. “We are the rejected waste of the society,” says Lazarus while telling that homeless people are part of the society and they have to be treated as people with home. Mr. Kozol shows how people even try not to touch the hands of homeless people while giving them money, how Amtrack officials do not let them use the bathroom and try to “... get rid of this trash”, and how homeless woman dies of pneumonia just because ambulance was not called in Grand Central. The very sad part of these stories is that even children are in risk too; a nine-year-old boy in Florida has been living inside of a Good Will box for 5 years and that he stopped living in it just because he was too big to fit into the slot. In New York City, if women without home deliver a baby, the child may be taken from them at the time of birth. Homeless infants, who die in New York City are buried on an island and they only have anonymous interment. While telling about the fire in a small house in Queens the author asks a question “What it is we fear (the children themselves, the sickness they may carry, the adolescents the will soon become)?” The example of homelessness that affected me most is in paragraph 19-20, where the women are not allowed to use the facilities was a very powerful narration. I feel that

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