Jonathan Edwards Speech

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Early American Puritans were constantly reminded of repercussions of sinning. One pastor during this time period was Jonathan Edwards, whose goal was to convince and then convert his group of followers from sinners into puritans. One way of accomplishing such a feat was through his emotionally powerful sermons. In "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," Edwards uses many tricks that lead to the effectiveness of his sermon. One of Edwards more effective strategies was to paint a picture through words of the horrific nature and eternal suffering for souls that went “unsaved”. He really reached his audience effectively by using graphic descriptions to describe the torture that awaited sinners in hell. Even though the concept of hell seems so far fetched and unreal, Edwards delivery of his sermon scares his listeners into believing what he is saying, thus prompting them to follow his step by step plan for them to be saved. Later into his sermon, Edwards paints a beautiful picture of god dangling sinners above the fiery volcano known as hell. But just when you think there’s no way out of this ill-fated encounter with fire, Edwards shows his congregation the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and explains that through gods mercy and forgiveness one could be saved. There is no doubt that through his…show more content…
His metaphors span over whole paragraphs, for example the one about God's wrath being drawn and held over the hearts of sinners. This metaphor shows that God has the power to attack sinners but that he saves them with forgiveness. Later, Edwards compares sinners to spiders and serpents, creatures hated by humans just as God hates sinners. This shows his listeners how poorly God thinks of them. Edwards uses figures of speech to make his message easier to understand, which allows his listeners to relate to it much more than they usually
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