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In 1741, a Puritan, named Jonathan Edwards, gave a six hour long sermon about how everyone is going to hell. This struck fear and horror into every member in the congregation’s heart. Said Jonathan Edwards, “This is the case of every one of you that are out of Christ: That world of misery, that lake of burning brimstone, is extended abroad under you.” (108) He believes that every single person out there no matter what they’ve done, is damned to hell if they’re not a member of his own religion. Who is he to say who is out of Christ and who isn’t? He doesn’t know every little detail of everyone’s life, so how is he to know? What gives him the right to take God’s judgement seat and choose where everyone goes? That’s not the kind of image or message you want to send to someone who you’re trying to save. If the only reason they joined is because they were terrified out of their mind, then it was kind of pointless. They don’t really believe in it, they just did it to save their own skin. Edwards sympathized a…show more content…
(112) How is it that he can make a reference to one little piece of the Bible and not take a look at the rest? Over and over again in The Holy Bible it mentions forgiveness and mercy. If this is true, then how is it that the wrath of God is right above us, ready to strike without giving us another chance? The Almighty God is there to help and comfort us when we do wrong, not to condemn us the very second we mess up and never offer another opportunity to fix everything we possibly can. Edwards’ mind was so clouded with trying to scare these people witless, that he just contradicted himself. He took his reference, twisted and bent it to fit his own desires and didn’t think anything of it. You don’t change God to suit you; you change yourself, to suit God. He is the higher power, so He obviously has

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