Jon Krakauer's Into The Wild: Power Of Freedom

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Moriah Ross Mr. Jones AP Language Arts 9 November 2012 Power of Freedom “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will,” (Charlotte Bronte). Jon Krakauer’s novel Into the Wild, narrates the true events of a young man, Christopher McCandless, and his journey to find truth. McCandless was born to a wealthy east coast family and graduated from Emory University. Since education was a breeze and material wealth seemed frivolous through his eyes, McCandless sought to stretch beyond the status quo. While on an odyssey across the United States, McCandless manages to inspire many people on the way. His independent mind and carefree behavior captivated young adventures like himself. Because of his desire…show more content…
Chris McCandless intellect was superb due to the fact McCandless graduated Emory University on the Dean’s list. Though more spontaneous, McCandless shaped his journey around Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau is a well-known transcendentalist whose love of nature and hatred of superficial lives drew him towards the wilderness. McCandless shared Thoreau’s passion and took the task of a transcendentalist seriously. McCandless never asked for hand-outs. McCandless declined assistance from those sympathetic souls he encountered, because McCandless was determined to succeed on his own. Though their gestures were heartwarming, McCandless refused to allow those who embraced him to use their hard earned money to care for him. If in need of money, McCandless inquired a job. If in need of food, McCandless found his own provisions. Selfish men are greedy, and apathetic. Chris McCandless embodied love, and compassion. Though reserved, McCandless did not hold his adventure hostage. McCandless shared his plans with trampers and those with a listening ear. McCandless’ captivating personality drew people towards him. McCandless’ story stimulated people, to follow their own…show more content…
Many believe McCandless was indeed selfish, because McCandless abandoned his family to quench his own selfish thirst. In retrospect McCandless family dynamic was not peaches and cream. McCandless was pushed toward transcendentalism, when the families’ secrets where unveiled. McCandless’ father essentially fathered two families, which drove McCandless to the conclusion, that his life had been one big lie. In retaliation of abuse and deception, McCandless fled to find truth. McCandless could have been convicted of holding a grudge, but not selfishness. Nevertheless, when children grow old, there is a mutual urge to leave the flock. Many long to find out what the world has to offer, beyond the harboring arms of overseers. Also, opposing views may argue that, since society relies on people, Chris McCandless’ divorce from social order was selfish. Society obligates its citizens to be successful on its own terms. Many believe you need to get a proper education, a good job with good pay, and a family to be successful in life, but not everyone has dreams of living on a house in the prairie. Not only did Chris achieve moral standards of society, but he moved on to a bigger

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