Jon Benet Ramsey

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Should cases be closed if evidence is found prior to the dismissal of a case? On December 25th, 1996, six year old JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado home. She was the daughter of John and Patricia Ramsey and a well known beauty pageant contestant across the United States. No one knew the reason for the murder. JonBenet’s parents were seen as suspects until authorities later found DNA belonging to a Caucasian male, clearing the parents from having anything to do with her murder. Authorities have yet to find a match. Although evidence was found but could not be linked to a person, her case was closed. Ramsey’s case was reopened almost 12 years after her murder. Ramsey’s case should have never been closed if evidence was found. Each year in America, 6,000 killers get away with murder. Since 1969, there have been 3.479 unsolved murder cases across the United States. In 2008, police solved 35 percent of the homicides in Chicago, 22 percent in New Orleans and 21 percent in Detroit. Yet authorities solved 75 percent of the killings in Philadelphia, 92 percent in Denver and 94 percent in San Diego. Ramsey’s cases as well as other cases such as, Jack the Ripper, The Zodiac Killer and the O.J. Simpson Trial are examples of cases that have gone unsolved for too long. Should cases be closed if evidence is found prior to the dismissal of a case? Evidence was found for Ramsey’s case but yet her case was closed because they couldn’t find a match to the DNA found. Although evidence was found, it was not solid enough to keep the case open. With this paper readers will understand the reason behind closing and reopening behind JonBenet Ramsey’s case. Search engines such as Google, as well as old newspaper articles and the television show Criminal Minds regarding this case will help bring this research together. All of these search methods link

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