Joint Commission Essay

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The Joint Commission standards address the hospital’s performance in specific areas, and specify requirements to ensure the hospital provides patient care in a safe manner and in a secure environment. The accreditation on-site survey includes proper record keeping of the health records. The hospital or facility must have their health records in the proper documentation format and order. This affects the HIM professionals, as they are the ones maintaining the health records. If the survey team finds this area deficient, it could cause the facility to receive a conditional accreditation. The care of the health records is also important in legal cases. Without the accreditation of the Joint Commission and/or other regulatory agencies, the facility would not be as competitive in the market. This could affect the quality of HIM professionals and staff employed by this facility. If the facility does not have qualified HIM professionals, how will this affect the care of the patients? One of the important standards for the HIM profession is the published prohibited list of abbreviations in health records by the Joint Commission. None of these prohibited abbreviations is to appear in any patient health records of an accredited provider. This list addresses the errors in interpretation of abbreviations commonly used in health records. This gives consistency to the abbreviations to use in health records and prevents interpretation errors. Any errors in health records could cause diagnoses errors that could prevent proper care of the patient. The Joint Commission identifies a number of common standards that apply to all healthcare settings, but gives supplemental additional standards required for specialized settings and services. These standards support the quality documentation for the health record. These standards support the proper care of the patients. Where would the

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