Johnsonville Essay

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Case#8 Johnsonville Sausage 1. Why did Ralph Stayer think it necessary to change his management style? It was necessary for Ralph Stayer to change his management style based on a myriad of issues. The main issues being that there were declining revenues, the quality of the product was declining, and general moral was low. He had an epiphany of sorts in which he describes his new hires and employees as soldiers simply carrying out his orders. People were unable to handle more responsibility no matter how capable the seemed. He handled virtually all of the decision making; from the floor to the books, to the marketing. Stayer was becoming ‘fed up with the business.’ 2. How did he make the change to the new style that he developed? Stayer showed incredible self-awareness in that he was able to realize that he could not run his company as a dictatorship, and that he needed to create a whole new way of thinking and culture to make the company successful. Responsibility would have to be delegated to his sub-ordinate staff all of the way down to the workers on the floor. This is done to bring a sense of ownership and belonging for all staff. One example was removing supervisors from the areas and introducing team leads since workers felt supervisors simply yelled if a problem came up and didn’t actually investigate the why the problem was occurring. Stayer reached out to a University of Wisconsin professor named Dr. Thayer to help him transition the culture at Johnsonville. First, he determined that performance is the main focal point, and that everything must be done in the best interests of the company and what’s best for the individual. Second, he realized that the role of management is to help subordinates accomplish their objectives, not just their job. Next, he determined how managers’ performance is judged. A great quote from Stayer detailing how they must
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