Johnson vs Turkle: Do Videogames Contribute to Learing Essay

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It is true that many videogames continue to have violence but there are also many successful videogames that offer more than just violence. Game like Portal that have the player solving puzzles in a 3d space, age of empire and civilizations are two real time strategy games that expose players to history, evolution and of course strategy. Steven Johnsons statement that “videogames are digital equivalent to crack cocaine” (Johnson 39) is a bit harsh. If videogames are drug addictions then so are other digital mediums like Twitter and Facebook and we are living in a country full of drug addicts I do however agree with Johnson in that videogames do improve cognitive thinking(Johnson 40) Many games have puzzle elements, problem solving and strategic thinking. These virtual worlds that so many of our youth and young adults often escape to have a lot to offer, “todays games improve visual intelligence and manual dexterity” (Johnson). If used properly videogames can be a tool for education. Typing of the dead, World of Warcraft, Brain Age are just a few games that have immediate educational value. Typing of the dead the help with spelling and typing. World of Warcraft has players work in teams enforcing the idea that teamwork is valuable and players also get to practive on social interaction skills. Brain Age is an game that has to do with memory reflex and retention. The games was used by Japanase doctors to help to help against dementia. Many game have educational value they just have to be applied properly in an educational

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