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Johnson & Johnson: Elements of the Business Environment Lisa Wu Kaplan University Johnson & Johnson: Elements of Business Environment Company Profile Johnson & Johnson is a well-known company that provides extensive medical care products all over the world. The company has captured the world market by enhancing the customer contention level. For the last 75 years, Johnson & Johnson has operated their business in more than 60 countries (Johnson & Johnson, 2012). The opportunities and threats that the company has faced by capturing the world market, where the environmental pressures are trying to hit the target position of a company. The company has maintained particular goals and objectives for accomplishing their future targets (Cosmetics and Toiletries, 2007). Johnson & Johnson’s Current Situation Johnson & Johnson consists of more than 275 companies that operate in different countries all around the world. The widespread nature of their operations and decentralized management practices allow for a high degree of local autonomy and adaptation. This makes Johnson & Johnson very efficient in discovering and reacting to the changing consumer demands across the globe. Johnson & Johnson is making good progress in finding different ways to reduce costs. Standardization initiatives in its pharmaceutical sector enabled the company to restructure their operations and cut costs by $1.6 billion in 2008. Johnson & Johnson has an impressive employee turnover ratio of less than 5%, which shows that Johnson & Johnson is highly capable of attracting and retaining the right kind of people to help their company remain successful. Environmental Analysis of Johnson & Johnson The company has manufactured pharmaceutical products by targeting the competitive environment. The company has analyzed the market situation by

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