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The Fatherly Side of Johnny Nolan Johnny Nolan is the husband of Katie Rommely Nolan whose children are Francie and Neeley Nolan. In the following, it’s proven that he is not a very good father and why. Johnny Nolan is not the type of man that has what it takes to be a good father to his children. One reason why Johnny Nolan is not a good father is because of his addiction to drinking. He became a drunk when he knew Francie would be born. He could not handle the idea of having children at a young age. Johnny would drink constantly to get rid of his problems. He was not mature enough to handle his problems the way he should have. It deeply affected his family, and in the end, he wasted his life away. Johnny Nolan never had a steady job. He worked in the Union, which gave him nightly jobs. The jobs were never consistent, and the pay was not substantial. He always kept a certain amount of money to himself to give to McGarrity for drinks. The Nolan Family had to rely on Katie for money for necessities. Johnny talked about false hopes and made promises in which he could never keep. He always wanted to become rich and entertain, for a living and he would talk of dreams. He would promise Francie and Neeley things that he could never give them. He only Pelucco, 2 followed through once when Francie wanted to go to a school in a different district. He would always get too caught up in his dreams and he would never focus on the present. It is proven in many various ways whether or not Johnny Nolan was a good father. His drinking addiction, the false hopes and promises, and no steady jobs prove him to be not one of the greatest fathers in the world. It must have been difficult to be a father in those years but he could have conducted himself differently and still be there for his

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